Coaching – systemic and resultoriented 

Allthough we have most answers and sollutions in us, sometimes we do need someone from the outside to support us to get them out. Either because we want to improve what is allready great or because we are somehow stuck and need a different perspective. And – let’s face it, we do have our blind spots.

Coaching for me means to support people in finding their own answers – sometimes through confrontation, sometimes by giving tools, somethimes by just being the mirrow and asking the questions, I will not let people easy off the hook, however it is always their call to define the purpose of the coaching. The idea is to make sure the coachee(s) can integrate the new insights, habbits and patterns within a timespan of 2-6 months.

in this I use practical tools, insights in strenghts and weaknesses and the systemic approach of identifing what keeps one in the comfort zone and how to get out.

From one to one to teamcoaching.