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Dr Katrin Muff, former Dean of BSL-Lausanne, Author of: Five Superpowers for Co-Creators: How change makers and business can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2008, I participated in a personal leadership program that was lead by Claudia Kranefuss. The depth and professionalism impressed me, so I proposed that Business School Lausanne considers including a module taught & designed by Claudia in our MBA and Executive MBA programs. BSL is a small Business School dedicated to educating business leaders for the challenges of the 21st century. The so-called Soft Skills are essential for organizations and leaders who want to act in a responsible way. The development of these skills form an important foundation of our programs.  Claudia is a superb partner to develop new modules in leadership, given their experience, professionalism and co-creative capacity. Our MBA students start with Claudia’s advanced communication course at the beginning of their studies. 2,5 days to better understand how to say the right things at the right time and to create deeper cooperation and partnership. We run this course twice a year since 2009. Claudia and the module are highly valued by our students who demonstrate an advanced degree of cooperation with their fellow-students as a result. Students experience the course as practical and very impactful for their business and personal life. The course deepens students’ understanding of cultural differences, life-work balance and offers tools for working with clients and colleagues alike. The program is suited for all cultures, which is an important aspect in our multi-cultural school-environment.Claudia is a high appreciated professor by our administrative team. She is flexible, cooperative and a highly-valued partner in BSL.

Julia Sullivan, Making human things work. Author of: De Wandelwijze

There are a lot of good trainers around, but there are a few extraordinary ones, and Claudia is one of them. She is the trainer other trainers look to as an example of how to create safety and humanness and how run interactions that truly change peoples’ lives. Claudia walks her talk and inspires the coaches and trainers she mentors to do the same. She is modest and approachable, razor sharp when needed, and at all times uncompromisingly loyal to her vision of empowering people wherever she goes. She is a great friend and an example to me of the kind of leadership the world needs more of.