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The challenges of modern management.

 Organizations are made by people or how can you tap into the collective and collaborative intelligence of your company, it’s teams and people?

On the different level we do face the necessary challenges to build sustainable and successful organizations based on the trust and safety for people to express their full potential. Just ask anyone of your co worked what they prefer: an environment to fulfill themselves in a great team or survival of the fittest – i dare to say the answer would be very clear – on all levels in the organization. It would be the first one – so how come we often still struggle and what are the obstacles?

Organization   Icon organisations – culture

How to attract good people – and the right People

How to keep good people?

What is our employer brand? And how do we actually transform it  beyond the words and make it a living culture?

How does our culture look like. What part is conscious, what part unconscious? And how do we maintain a conscious culture throughout the whole company? Trust, openness, respect and mutual learning?

Leading qualities  icon leadership and teamwork, personal brabding

What is authentic leadership?

How am I going to be a good leader? And what is a good Leader?

The difference between management and leadership.

How do i keep my relationship with my team, also as a manager

Manager as a Part of the Team,

Manager as Coach, what is my style to lead people and what do they need to perform on their best?

Close the gap between management and team

How do i find People to share with, its lonely at the top.

How to handle and cross the glass ceiling – for both – women and men.

Team: icon leadership, team

How to move from a group of individuals to a team

What is a great team and how to create it.

How to create safety and trust in a team where each member can function as his or her best.

How to create a good feedback culture

How to have individuals function as a team.

Stop the gossip culture

Individual: icon personal development, branding, leadership

Work-life Balance


How to handle difficult situation

Have the possibility to actually influence my work environment

How to handle difficult people, in order to create cooperation.

Find the source of my power

Personal branding

Handle my ego

Get to know my strengths and limitations

How to create win win situations.