Whether you are part of a Corporate, Medium Sized Business, Start-up, NGO or in the educational sector – you probably have to deal with people, changing environments and the profetability of your organization. 

Questions which often come up – and need to be handle sooner or later can be answered and solved.  The result of a well defined human resource management is measurable and adds to the success of the organisation. Foundation of that is clear and conscious cultur which not only lives in the words but in the actual working life of people: 

  so let’s walk the talk: 

How to attract good people – and the right People

How to keep good people?

What is our employer brand? And how do we actually transform it beyond the words and make it a living culture?

How does our culture look like. What part is conscious, what part unconscious? And how do we maintain a conscious culture throughout the whole company? Trust, openness, respect and mutual learning?