Life is like the ocean, sometimes you catch a great wave, and sometimes you don’t…. question is”how do you handle that?



what I heard again and again is that a team is as strong as its weakest link. Well maybe that is the case, and maybe a team is as strong as the ability of the individual teammembers to handle all kind of situations is.

Resilliance, knowing what one stays for, being aware of ones strengths and limitations, the ability to explore the resources a person has might strengthen not only one human being but also the people around . The big challenge is for everyone: are you willing to explore all these hidden talents, facing the demons and gp for it? 

Work-life Balance

Resilience and stress management

How to handle difficult situations, 

Have the possibility to actually influence my work environment

How to handle difficult people, in order to create cooperation.

Find the source of my power

Personal branding

Handle my ego

Get to know my strengths and limitations

How to create win win situations.