My why

My why

A personal note

In all those years of working with people in all kinds of contexts, I have seen that the power of the solution, change or growth lies within the resourcefulness of people to handle events, challenges and changes. 

Creating an environment where respect for this world and the freedom of each individual enables meaningful collaboration was always my drive and it will always be. This was relevant when I was a child, it is even more now with all the challenges we are up to. Over the years I gained a deep understanding for the ways we as human beings can lock ourselves up in our conscious and unconscious opinions – mostly unintended. Whenever I asked people: what do you prefer, reach your potential, or stick to where you are? Collaboration or fights? Most people choose the potential and the collaboration. And I gained even deeper respect for their willingness to get out of their comfort zone, have the courage to change their minds and actually walk the talk of their intentions.


20 years in personal, team and leadership development
Trained and coached more than 10.000 people in various segments, from employee to executive.

1998-2011 Personal Development-Trainings and Leadership Traininings 

2004 – currently: How Company – Senior Trainer and responsible for the training of trainers

2009- currently: BSL Lausanne: Associate Professor Advanced Communication and Personal Branding for the (executive) MBA- programme

2016 Facilitator Holocracy

2018- currently: 2 years course Gesellschaft für systemische Therapie und Begleitung. Systemic coaching, Berlin

2019  voluntary coach at Project Together, Support and Coaching for young Entrepreneurs, Berlin.