How do I work

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How do I work

Methods of working

The method

 In my work I use, depending of the need of the person, team or organization various methods related to the systemic coaching approach which I combine with practical and pragmatic tools to actually make the new understandings and insights last. The fundament of my work though is the principle of  learning through the experience combined with intellectual and cognitive knowledge. This means learning by doing. 

My task as a trainer and coach is to create that safe space for people in which they allow themselves to step out of their box, of their patterns and habits, try new things and find different approaches and options which they can implement in a lasting way. For this I work with people not only on their skills, but also on their attitudes and beliefs towards their current reality. 

How do I work?

Identify what the wanted outcome of the program is – with the person, team or Organisation

In the courses:

  • processes and exercises which will be related to the ‘real’ life
  • practical tools and simple methods to make the change happen.
  • individual work in sharings to relook and define attitudes, patterns, talents and limiting beliefs.

In the Coaching: Through the systemic and resultoriented approach, the coaches will be supported to find new ways and be supported by implementing them out of his own power.